To All The Boys I’ve Loved, Before Series Review

Netflix continues to bring the heat with its original films, recently adding the screen adaptation to Jenny Han’s best selling book, To All The Boys I’ve Love, Before.

This film hits all the notes that make a great teen rom-com. The not-so-popular girl with a crush on the most popular guy in school. Her gentle and quirky personality that makes the audience love her. The good looking jock that isn’t the jerk you’d expect him to be. And of course the ridiculous way they end up having to work together, and eventual start dating. Not to mention all the very flimsy obstacles that are meant to prevent them from being together. ThIs Is NoT a ReAl ReLaTiOnShIp. This film is shameless in the way it ticks off all the predictable tropes of a teen flick, but that doesn’t stop the audience from loving it.

To make a long story short, the film was cherry pie sweet with wholesome undertones, and left me wanting more. So I proceeded to binge read the series within 48hrs. Just like it’s screen counterpart, the books overflowed with teenage love tropes and endearing moments. This beautifully written series was relatable for readers of all ages. As the books developed, Han’s keeps the series grounded with realistic milestones; being in you’re first publish relationship, college, sex, cultural identity, and more.

What also stands out, is the care in which Han’s wrote the Covey family dynamic. Three sister and a father who are all going through their own life dramas, yet always remember to put their family first. Their Korean-American heritage, the love and support they show one another regardless of how it may makes them feel. Despite the age gaps, they are each others best friends, and the pillar in each of their own perspective worlds. In addition to the covey family, the book brims with other generally sweet characters.

This is a book series anyone of any age can enjoy. You’re either an adult remember what it was like to be 16 and in over your head, or your a teen right now just trying to figure it out. It doesn’t matter, Han’s has your back.

The Netflix adaptation has done so well, that it has brought new life to the books, and has driven sales for Yakult Yogurt Drink, a popular Korean yogurt snack, through the roof. Fans of the Asain yogurt brand are having trouble finding their favourite snack on the shelve. You can also spot the eco-friendly water brand, Just Water in a few scenes.

So if you haven’t yet watched or read To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, do it now. You wont regret it.

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