Travel to 5 of this years most popular destinations, and save on hotels

Visit 2018’s most popular destination, and stay in these hostels that’ll have you swearing they’re really hotels.

Every year travel enthusiasts look to popular travel magazines and websites like Lonely Planet or National Geographic, to assist them in choosing that perfect place to loose themselves… or find themselves.

While traveling its often the case that most of your money, aside from the actual plane ticket, goes to either food or hotel stay. This year, travel smart and save some money on one of those expenses by stay in a hostel.

The biggest misconceptions around hostels, is that their dirty, unsafe and not worth the hassle. That couldn’t be further from the truth, especially not at a top rated hostel. Not all of them are old and located down an alley way. Some are so nice you’d think you accidentally checked into a hotel and just got a sweet deal.

So while you’re exploring the world and visiting one of this years most exciting countries, stay in one of these amazing hostels and save some money.


South Korea

south k

No surprise, South Korea seems to be on multiple lists of must see places. Landing a number 2 spot on Lonely Planet’s Best in travel list, and many complementary words from The Guardian, South Korea continues to grow in popularity. From its rich culture and unique fashion to its ever popular beauty industry, who wouldn’t want to pay this country a visit.

While taking in all South Korea has to offer, instead of shelling out loads of money on a small hotel room, stay at a hostel like Hostel Haru. This place could be considered “up scale” if being compared to stereotypes. Starting at £26 a night you could save a lot of money and still get everything you want out of your trip. Along with all the basics like security lockers and housekeeping, guests also get free breakfast. With a 5 star rating on Trip Advisor, and single rooms available that include everything you’d need from a shower to a minibar, its a good option for first time hostel-goers.

Hostel Haru



Earning itself a positive nod from Conde Nast Traveler and recommended on Forbes 33 Cheapest Places To Travel In 2018, treat yourself to a new stamp in your passport from India. Being one of the biggest countries in the world, there are loads of destinations to choose from. If the plan is to visit multiple locations, Hostel World and Zostel are great sites to help you find the perfect hostel to meet all your needs while you explore. One such being Stops Hostel Agra, in Agra India. With a 9.5 rating on Hostel World and prices starting at £5.50 a night, its a steal. You’d spend more buying lunch at Pret. Another great feature is its only about a 15 minute walk from the Taj Mahal! Your Instagram followers will thank you for the pictures you’ll definitely upload.


GoStops Agra Hostel



Travellers are realising Malta has more to offer than bragging rights to Game Of Thrones. Landing on Travel + Leisure, The Guardian and multiple other must travel lists, Malta deserves some attention. Spend a few days mesmerised by its beautiful scenic gardens and ocean views. Two Pillows Boutique Hostel keeps you close to everything there is to do in comfort for £12.35. At this hostel, not only will you be close to an ocean view, but also a ferry away from Valletta, a highly recommended location for travellers . Aside from general amenities like housekeeping, TV and a beautiful outdoor terrace, they also offer airport transportation and luggage storage. This hostel was rated 9.4 on Hostel World.


Two Pillows Boutique Hostel



National Geographic, Travel + Leisure and Forbes all place some part of Mexico on their 2018 travel list. Although everyone wants to go to Cancun weather its Spring Break or not, there are plenty of alternative destinations like Playa Del Carmen that deserve a closer look. With it being a hop-skip away from Isla Cozumel, A Road Affair honourable mention, a trip to this beautiful country will not disappoint. Give Las Hijas Hostel a tray while you’re out there. With prices starting at £7.14, free breakfast and optional private rooms, you cant go wrong. Within walking distance from the beach, this 9.7 rated hostel could set the mood for your trip and of course, save you a lot of money.


Las Hijas Hostel




Another country that has made it high on noteworthy travel lists. National Geographic and Lonely Planet being two. Take a trip to Georgia and get lost in the culture Tbilis offers. There are tons of highly rated hostels to choose from in this area. Check out Fabrika Hostel & Suites for a comfortable and modern feel. Rooms start at £4.22, aka the same as a quality cup of coffee, and there are private rooms available if you are traveling with your partner. With its modern design and many services, you wont remember you’re not in a hotel. This is also a large hostel, so to accommodate everyones needs, it is also wheelchair friendly. (Not a very common feature). Fabrika Hostel & Suites is rated 4.5 on Trip Advisor and 9.5 on Hostel World.


Fabrika Hostel and Suites

With all the money you’re going to save on where you sleep at night, you’ll have more of it to spend on things that matter, like and night out on the town, or that holiday shirt you’ll probably never wear again. Whatever it is, you’ll have lots of left over money to splash.


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