Issa Rae Just Hosted The Best House Party

Insecure’s creator Issa Rae just threw the most epic house party while filming in Atlanta, and black hollywood showed up in full force. This was the kind of party the popular kid in high school would have, and being blessed with an invite cemented your seat at the cool kids table during lunch.

Issa met up with her friend and Insecure costar Ynonne Orji, who was also filming in the area. Together they posted a video to Issas Instagram story to let everyone know they were planning a party that night.

“We here. And we throwing a little ATL party for everybody black that’s working in ALT, on the low”


They basically invited all the black actors in the Atlanta area to this epic party that was about to go down. The word was out, and thanks to modern technology, people that couldn’t make it and fans around the world, watched in envy. Each new update to Issa’s Instagram story featured someone that made you think, “omg! Wait WHAAAAAT!?”



Some of the attendees included Insecure costar Milton Howery, Janelle Monae, the G.O.A.T Samuel L mutha-fuckin Jackson (because you cant just say in name normally). Jiddena was there, Donald glover, Luke James, Tessa Thompson, Mack Wilds, and many many more. Amandla Stenberg even made an appearance, representing for young black Hollywood.

This was the kind of party people wish they could throw. As more videos were being posted, it was clear the drinks were flowing and the food was plentiful. Evident from how many boxes of pizzas and plates of half eaten chicken wings were on the table.

Fans were able to follow the party from all angles by searching the handle #lemonpeppershawties or #lemonpepperkickback. Issa was even kind enough to tag most of the guests IG names, prompting you to visit their profile and see what pictures they got from the party.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All that was missing from this party was… nothing. There was absolutely nothing missing because it was pure perfection that will go down in history. And us common folk missed it. But its okay because it’s been documented online. And we all know the internet never forgets, #Myspace #RememberSummer2006.

Often time we place actors and musicians on a pedestal and assume they’re different than us. But evidently they just want to have a good time with friends, listen to music and eat chicken wings just like the rest of us. To say this was the high light of the weekend is the understatement of the century. Issa Rae just set the standard for a grown and sexy house party. If you don’t already, follow her social media accounts @IssaRae.

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